For the science minded and perhaps Zennists amongst us, yesterday’s The Daily Beast: “Why More Physicists Are Starting to Think Space and Time Are ‘Illusions’”:

"Researchers at the forefront of quantum gravity have started to rethink space-time as a consequence of entanglement. An increasing number of scientists have come to ground their research in the nonseparability of the universe. Hopes are high that by following this approach they may finally come to grasp what space and time, deep down at the foundation, really are"

"Likewise, in a quantum universe, there are no individual objects. All that exists is merged into a single “One.”"

"everything in the universe is traced back to a single quantum object"

Nathan Seiberg, a leading string theorist at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, is not alone in his sentiment when he states, “I’m almost certain that space and time are illusions. These are primitive notions that will be replaced by something more sophisticated.”


"As philosopher of science Rasmus Jaksland points out, this eventually implies that there are no individual objects in the universe anymore; that everything is connected with everything else"

Sounds rather interesting.