Thread: Hello from an old member! Happy New Year!

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    Hello from an old member! Happy New Year!

    Hello, I'm Matteo. I'm from Colombia and I'm 33.

    I remember this site fondly. A decade ago my life was in shambles. I was on dialysis, my dreams of studying and living in Europe were over, all that I had left was my family composed of my mam, grand mother, and my two cats here in Colombia.

    Now I am 33. Now I have a transplant, now I have a girlfriend that would like me to be in Europe right now. And yet... my grand mother is gone, and I weirdly and nostalgically remember those old times as my cats are aging and one of them could/probably has a cancerous process.

    It is this last thing that has brought me back here. I generally read a lot, and I know everyone has to continue their own road and that I cannot be selfish nor so attached. Yet, just to think about when he is gone, I feel overwhelmed by emotions.

    One of the reasons I remember this place so fondly is because in the middle of my problems back then I started suffering from OCD. Then, I started doing meditation and was using the meditation room every day of my life, and I healed completely from the OCD.

    In general I am here to make friends, have a bit more of wisdom and know what I can do to not suffer so much because of impermanence.

    Wishing you all a fantastic 2023!

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    Welcome back, Matteo.... and a happy new year to you too!

    I'm very glad that the meditation room was helpful.


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    Hi Matteo. Welcome back.

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    Hello again Matteo. It's great to have you back.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and telling us about your ageing cats.

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