Thread: You Don't 'Experience' Consciousness

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    You Don't 'Experience' Consciousness

    A frail looking Ajahn Sumedho gives a talk at Amaravati Monastery UK on Ist December 2022:

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    Any comments about the video?

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    There is a lot of interesting stuff here to unpick, especially if you are interested in gaining enlightenment rather than being a Buddhist. As he says, Buddhism is really a concept, a condition, so is impermanent. What exists is the will to inquire about Buddhism and the Noble Truths, about the kind of suffering the Buddha was talking about. Much of it is essential to those wanting to be on the path to enlightenment. On the other hand I think that he lost the plot in trying to find something permanent to hold on to. The idea of a permanent consciousness is most unhelpful if you are trying not to hold on to any 'thing' at all. Especially when he goes on to say that individual consciousness does not stop after death, as a permanent 'universal conscious awareness'.

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