Thread: Balancing Passion and Relaxation

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    Balancing Passion and Relaxation

    Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche answers a question.

    Any thoughts?

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    We certainly need to be kinder to ourselves in the face of high expectations, which appear in a lot of teachings.

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    From my point of view it is impossible to answer to this question without knowing the personality of the questioner, and the context of the question, when and where, and why it was performed. The discussion is cut off from its genuine surroundings, and historical context.

    Nevertheless, this question reminds me why I sometimes find Buddhism paradoxical: the effort to practice in order to advance and enlighten pushes a person to a problematic situation with herself or himself.

    That is why I prefer Jainism. Ahimsa is the most important principle. When you have an insight of Ahimsa, you do not have to struggle anymore.

    With metta,


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    That is why I prefer Jainism...Ahimsa is the most important principle.
    Just a brief comment, Anna, it might be worth noting that this is not a comparative religion website. (See Code of Conduct number 17a)

    Regarding the short video extract in which the Vajrayana teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche answers a student's question, its most probably at a talk he was giving at a Tibetan Buddhist centre somewhere.

    I enjoy listening to this teacher myself, which is why I posted the video.

    In general, Members of BWB are very welcome to post videos of any Buddhist teachings that they've enjoyed listening to themselves.

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