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    Struggling with a problem

    A few thoughts arose.

    I breathe in - I breathe out - Silence.

    I breathe in - I breathe out - I stay still.

    At the moment I am struggling with a problem for many months. I get robot calls weekly, almost daily. I may block the numbers but the numbers change all the time. I can not control them. It is like a monster that changes and grows all the time.

    I can not change my number neither.

    Today I figured out that I will have a most pleasant and wakening ringtone so when the robot calls, I may have a moment of awakening, not a moment of irritation. When finally the robot call ends, I can listen the fading of the sound, the echo, and then the silence. And all the time I will breathe calmly.

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    Hi Anna,

    It might be a good idea to report these nuisance calls to your internet or telephone service provider.

    I get nuisance calls of one kind or another from time to time and I just put the phone down again.

    All the best,


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    Just turn it off for an hour? =) also ignoring them works just as fine, shouldn't break your concentration and breathing.

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    Hello Anna,

    In your post, you say you cannot control them. That's right, they arise beyond your sphere of control.

    But you can control your response. It seems to me that you've taken the best step to help with that, by changing the ring tone.

    Perhaps you can also decide that each robot call is a reminder to breathe in ... breathe out...

    I think you are doing really well. You've recognised your irritation and you've chosen to be irritated no longer.

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    Good call Woodscooter. I couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s all a matter of perspective…

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