Thread: A Conversation with Stephen Batchelor about Buddhism

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    A Conversation with Stephen Batchelor about Buddhism

    Comments welcome if you've watched the video on YouTube.

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    Interesting. I can imagine that meeting the Delai Lama at such a point in his life would be a powerful experience, but eventually realising that Tibetan Buddhism wasn't the be all and end all of Buddhism, and not monasticism either. Neither was Zen, as he found out afterwards. Interesting too that he then thought it necessary to disrobe and live a secular life, get married, and so on. His mention of feeling constrained by the traditions of the various schools of Buddhism was key to understanding why he moved away from such formal Buddhist practice, deciding that the West needed something different if Buddhism was to engage with contemporary society. I would like to see the opera he has written, to see how he interprets the life of the Buddha.

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