Thread: Are you taking care of your mind?

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    Are you taking care of your mind?

    Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche asks "Are you taking care of your mind"?

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    A funny guy with a serious message. Much of Buddhism is really about protecting our minds as we follow the path, since we are on a journey to change how our minds work. We want to see things in a different way and to change how we live our lives, hopefully as 'better' human beings. All things have a cost and the cost here is that meditation and the path work. Our minds do change, and we have to understand and deal with things that arise as they do so. Are we going crazy or do we start to see just how crazy the world around us is? Is there really nothing we can cling to? Do we get lost in this nothingness? We don't, of course, but we have to be aware of what may be happening to us in terms of our mental state at any given time.

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