Thread: Are you a slave to your imagination?

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    Are you a slave to your imagination?

    A talk given by Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati Monastery UK last month:

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    An important talk for those of us who look to Buddhism to develop awareness and mindfulness, to see beyond what we think we see of the world. It's why I took to both mindfulness and insight meditation. Not to see anything new but to see things anew, to observe my thoughts, ideas and concepts as a witness to myself. He starts by explaining how we are slaves to our images of the world, and goes on to explain how we grasp beliefs and concepts, whether good or bad.

    The idea is that once we are aware of this grasping we can explore non-grasping, observing in the right way what is going on around us and how we react to our views of what we see. We work on the images we have created internally and imposted on life: our conditioning which results in our habitual beliefs. As observers we are not mere zombies, but active participants in the process which eventually leads to the 'deathless gate' that is enlightenment. We can then abide in 'silence' no matter what our surroundings, freed from the slavery of our past views.

    As I say, a talk we could do with listening to, maybe again and again, but of course it doesn't tell us how to get there. We have to see to our own practice, be it mindfulness or insight meditation, or whatever. But it does give us encouragement along the way.

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