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    Most important teaching

    Dear friends,

    Which Buddhist teaching has been the the most important to you recently, and why?

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    Personally, I find a lot of comfort and truth in the clear and non-superstitious teachings of the late Thai teacher Ajahn Chah:

    “Good actions bring good results; bad actions bring bad results. Don’t expect the gods to do things for you, or the angels and guardian deities to protect you, or the auspicious days to help you. These things aren’t true. Don’t believe in them. If you believe in them, you will suffer. You will always be waiting for the right day, the right month, the right year, the angels, or the guardian deities. You’ll only suffer that way. Look into your own actions and speech, into your own kamma. Doing good, you inherit goodness, doing bad you inherit badness.”

    ― Ajahn Chah, No Ajahn Chah: Reflections.

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    Nice Ajahn Chah post, except for the 'good actions bring good results' bit. I personally think that 'no good deed goes unpunished' is fairly apt. Doesn't stop me trying to do the right thing, but it doesn't necessarily bring goodness. What it does is to align myself more with actions which help make the world a better place, and end in itself rather than a means to an end.

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    I think it's clear to see that bad actions bring bad results. If I steal from you, that's a bad action. You feel impoverished by my action. That's a bad result.

    I don't think you should interpret the words as relating only to yourself. Because if I steal from you, I might feel enriched and I might consider that a good result. I would be taking too narrow a view, in that case. The fact is, we are all connected to each other in many ways.

    And so, seeing from the overall perspective, a good action brings a good result. It's most likely that the good result will be experienced by someone else, for a good action will most likely be carried out for the benefit of another.

    Just my two cents worth.

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