Thread: The Mind Extends Beyond the Body

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    The Mind Extends Beyond the Body

    "The Mind Extends Beyond the Body" - an interview with biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake.

    Any thoughts?

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    Interesting, although he uses non-scientific language to describe his results. If he had anything conclusive it would be published as scientific papers, but instead he uses everday terminology which is open to multiple interpretations. Having said that, there are those who say that the whole body is part of the mind, so that it may not just be a function of the brain. As well as this the brain gives out electromagnetic radiation which can be easily detected by sensors and used to track what is happening in the brain.

    The question is whether such radiation can be picked up by the brains of other people in such a way that it gives useful information. Maybe. I know I used to answer my mother's questions before she asked me, which kind of spooked her sometimes. Whether this was merely the result of other non-verbal communication or direct mind reading I don't know. Certainly mindfulness practice helps pick up such clues as exist, whatever they are. The Americans did a lot of research on weaponising any possible telekenesis, teleporting or mind reading at a distance in the 60s and 70s, but I don't think anything came of it and I'm sure they would have picked it up.

    On a more New-Age note, people claim to be able to see auras and work with them. I did a lot of meditation around things like that, together with chakra work, but not so much theses days, although I still do white light metta meditations occasionally where I push out metta in the form of white light. Whether it does anything or not I don't know, but it makes me feel better when I do it.

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