Thread: Buddhist Practice and Eco- Activism

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    Buddhist Practice and Eco- Activism

    I saw this article on the Buddhist Door website and wondered what BWB members thought about it.

    Eco-activism as Buddhist Practice

    By Satya Robyn

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    One of the class readers I used to use with my class in schools was 'The Iron Woman' by Ted Hughes. This follow up to 'The Iron Man' is about pollution and ecology, and kind of posed the question, "If you could hear nature scream, what would you do?" If you right now, as a Buddhist, and a human being, could hear what is being done to living things as a cry for help from them, could you stand aside and let it carry on? It's an interesting question which gets to the heart of what our Buddhism means to us, something which lets us accept the world as it is, or something which lets us see the world and work to bring about changes we now see are needed, or any combination of the stances. The article is interesting when I look at it in this way.

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