Thread: How to integrate direct contemplation into daily practice

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    How to integrate direct contemplation into daily practice

    Chan teacher Guo Gu explains how to integrate direct contemplation into daily practice. (approx. 5 minutes)


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    A good talk. I remember a time many years back when I was really busy, so busy that I rarely had time to meditate at home although I still managed to go to the Buddhist centre one evening a week. That being so, I experimented with micro-meditations lasting just a few minutes to see if they helped and, to my surprise, they did. I guess they were like the one minute chan that he talks about. The advantage was that I could do them anywhere I had a couple of minutes to myself. Eventually it didn't matter how short they were as long as they took me into the right mindset to either appreciate what was around me, as in his talk, or to deal with other people.

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    Hi Aloka and Philg,

    This is a good daily practice.

    Many thanks.


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