Thread: What is Wisdom?

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    What is Wisdom?

    A talk I enjoyed which was given by Ajahn Sumedho (approx.30 minutes). He begins with speaking about worldly wisdom and then Dhamma wisdom .

    Comments about the video are welcome.

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    Good speech!

    So... wisdom is quite simple... just be aware of how things are. Things are as they are. As well... wisdom is to understand suffering... investigate its causes, its origin; understanding that also that same suffering is impermantent, as is impermanent greed, anger and delusion. Desires are impermanent too. Loosening the grip of intense desire, loosening the grip of thought is wisdom too.

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    Immanuel Kant came up with 'Ding-An-Sich' which is 'The thing in itself' or the idea that the world as it exists independent of our experience of it. The interesting question is whether Buddhism can be a means to do this, be aware of how things are, or whether it merely reimposes a different view of reality, one that only reflects our new way of seeing things, not the reality itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B. Bodhi AN 5.2
    (5) “And what is the power of wisdom? Here, a noble disciple is wise; he possesses the wisdom that discerns arising and passing away, which is noble and penetrative and leads to the complete destruction of suffering. This is called the power of wisdom.

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    I noticed that on page 89 of his free book "PARAMI - ways to cross life's floods", Ajahn Sucitto says:

    Wisdom in Buddhism is primarily a relational experience rather than a storehouse or corpus of knowledge. One is wise about cause and effect, and hence one is alert to what’s happening and how one is being affected. Because of this, the term ‘discernment’ may in many cases be a more useful one. In other words, wisdom is primarily something you do so that an opening to transcendent clarity may occur.

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    Hi Aloka,

    Thank you for sharing this video. It was brilliant and powerful.

    I found this helped me to regain grounding today .... just what I needed.

    Kind Regards,


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    I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Gene!

    I think that Ajahn Sumedho is a wonderful teacher and I've always found his talks, books, and articles really helpful.

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