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Thread: Next online meeting

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjaviem View Post
    I'm coming. At least that's the plan. You wanted to discuss friends in the path or so.

    Yes, this was the link I had in mind:


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    Element has sent me a message to say that unfortunately he won't be able to attend this meeting.

    Anyone else coming apart from myself & mjaviem?

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    Sorry guys I'm not at home. Enjoy the meeting

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    I will be there

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    I'm here now.

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    Really nice to have a chat with you both, Mike & Havier, see you again next week!

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    The next online meeting, on Saturday 13th November, will be held at 9pm GMT.

    Daylight Saving Time has ended in the Northern hemisphere, and times in those zones are 1 hour earlier than last week.

    The meeting starts at:

    1pm PST
    3pm CST
    4pm EST
    6pm ART
    9pm GMT
    10pm CET
    2.30am IST (Sunday)
    7am AEST (Sunday)
    8am AEDT (Sunday)
    10am NZDT (Sunday)

    The link to the online chat session is always the same.

    Logged-in members can see the link [here]

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    I'm so sorry, but today's meeting is cancelled because there's something else that I have to do urgently.

    Lots of love and apologies to anyone who turned up for the meeting.

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