Thread: Anyone else struggling with staying present

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    Anyone else struggling with staying present

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the budist practice and have been following Eckhart tolles teachings on how to stay in the now. Although I have become quite good at catching myself in thought throught my day, then becoming aware of the present moment, I haven't noticed a huge change in my overal happiness. Being present becomes a little boring very quickly for me. And therefore I allow my mind to wonder again. Does anyone have any tips or advise on how to improve my practice. I also meditate 1-2 times a day for like 20mins. And have been doing this on and of for over a year now.

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    Hello and welcome to BWB, Pathfinder!

    Eckhart Toll isn't a Buddhist teacher.

    Here's a video of Ajahn Amaro, the abbot of Amaravati Theravada Thai Forest Tradition Monastery UK, which you might find helpful. He's talking for approximately 13 minutes about "Opening the heart to the ever present here and now":

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    ...and here's what the historical Buddha had to say to a lay follower in the following Pali Canon Sutta:

    AN6.47:Sanditthika Sutta: Visible Here-&-Now.

    Hope those resources are helpful.

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