Thread: Anyone reading a new book?

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    Anyone reading a new book?

    Has anyone got any comments about interesting new books they've been reading recently? They don't necessarily have to be about Buddhism.

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    I am currently reading Winterlight by Kristen Britian. It's number 7 in a eight book series. The 8th one isn't out yet. Typically, it takes 2+ years to finish a novel. Very good series that I would recommend to anyone. It is called the green rider series. Definately worth reading

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    'The Wheel of Time' is an upcoming American epic fantasy television series set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video, based on Robert Jordan's novels which I am reading at the moment so that the tv series isn't a spoiler. I prefer it that way round

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    I started reading the Dancing Jax fantasy novel series by Robin Jarvis, which I stumbled on by accident in the town hall libary. The first one I can recommend.

    In the buddhist corner I started reading "Why Buddhism is true" by Robert Wright. Has anyone read it yet?

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