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    Thinking - an article by Ajahn Amaro

    Thinking -A helpful article by Ajahn Amaro:

    Any comments about the article are welcome

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    Hello Aloka,

    I really appreciated this article. I really do believe that thinking, as Ajahn Amaro explains "is a conditioned activity". I agree with him when he explains that in the West, all our learning institutions condition us to think, and we are rewarded for this thinking behaviour. It is no wonder that our minds are constantly full of mindful chatter!! lol And of course, all this thinking, as Ajahn Amaro explains causes sensations: mental thoughts, feelings and emotions which generate reactions that lead to suffering.

    I never really understood this for most of my life and I am amazed that my mind operated on auto pilot for many years. I smiled to myself when Ajahn Amaro talked about relating his monastery experiences to the rock music he listened to as a young person. I also spent my youth listening to a lot of music and I also carried an 80s' soundtrack in my head which I associated with many ongoing life experiences!! All of this was born out of this habitual auto-pilot thinking.

    And of course, all this habitual thinking feels heavy and overwhelming at times. My life practice is to learn how to listen to this mind chatter, as Amaro explains, with an open heart and just allow it to be when it starts to feel heavy. Just let it be. I am still learning how to accept thoughts and not always believe everything I am thinking.

    This reminded me of a piece of music a friend once shared with me when I was experiencing deep grief after living through a traumatic life event… It comes from the Christian tradition but I believe it applies here. The song can be found here., Just to be by Colleen Fulmer:

    And as Ajahn Amaro explains, "thoughts are simply sense objects perceived by the mind". When we allow thoughts just to be, then we are in a position to let go of the ongoing smoke screen of the judgements we apply to habitual thoughts and really start to listen to the sounds of life. This can be the beginning of exploring what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg of the thoughts in our minds.

    It is a work in progress! :)

    Many thanks for sharing this article Aloka.

    Kind Regards,
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    Many thanks for sharing this article Aloka.
    My pleasure, Gene, and its really good to see you posting again!

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