While you are writing a post, you may want to include an image. It could be from somewhere on the internet, or it might be a photo on your own computer, so there are two methods to be described here.

In the editing window, click on the icon for 'Insert Image'. This will open up a small window labelled 'Insert Image' with two tabs: 'From Computer' and 'From URL'.

Let's take 'From Computer' first. Click on 'From Computer' and you'll see a button labelled 'Choose File'. Click it and select the picture on your computer, confirming the selection with the Open or OK button from the file listing.

Now you should be back in the 'Insert Image' window. Click on the words 'Upload File(s)'. After a moment you should be back in your post again. You won't see the picture until you either 'Post' or 'Preview Post'.

The other method starts with a click on 'From URL'. In the URL text box, type the web address of the image you want. That will be something beginning with https://.....

For maximum accuracy, copy the URL from the web page which shows the image, and paste it into the URL text box in the 'Insert Image' window. Click OK. You will see the picture straight away.

A few words of advice: If the file-size of the picture on your computer is very large, the file might not be accepted. The only solution is to reduce the file size. If the file-size is OK but the actual picture is large, our software will automatically re-size it. There are some times when auto resizing doesn't work, and a moderator will manually resize it, if it's judged to be too big for the post.

When selecting a picture from the internet, do make sure that you use the URL of the image, not the URL of the whole web page which includes it.

Also, you can use a service like Instagram, Dropbox or Google Photos. Put your own photos on one of those services, then use the URL of the photo to 'Insert Image', 'From URL'.

I hope you find this post useful and I invite you to post here on this thread if you come up against any problem while posting images.