Thread: Zoom: today's discussion of "attachment"

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    Zoom: today's discussion of "attachment"

    Today, the following were discussed in the zoom meeting:

    * SN 12.52 - how contemplating/thinking about the danger/harm of the things attached to can reduce or eliminate attachment

    * SN 12.52 - how attachment causes sorrow, grief & despair in relation to the aging & death (loss) of what is attached to

    * MN 38 - "delight in feelings is attachment"; such as delighting in the beauty or pleasantness of flowers is also attachment

    * Buddhadasa - "What we are clinging to is the world itself. In Buddhism the word "world" has a broader connotation than it has in ordinary usage.". It was suggested "the world" is the "social" and "political world" born of attachment; born of self-views.

    * Sublimation - transforming unwholesome dhammas, such as aggression & anger, into skillful responses, such as moral assertiveness.

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    Thank you very much for your input Element, its greatly appreciated as always.

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