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    Heart Light in Dark Times

    Heart Light in Dark Times article by AjahnSucitto:

    Any thoughts about the article?

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    It's a very thoughtful piece, by Ajahn Sucitto.

    Speaking of the re-wilding of a forest, he notes: "The feeling is more than an idea; it arises because I can smell the fresh air and hear the life around me. I realize, That’s where I belong. I’m on this Earth."

    He muses over his relationship with the creatures of the forest, at 5am, in the dark, and he considers that to those creatures he represents all humanity who manipulate and destroy Nature.

    We are all connected. Not just all humans connected to each other, but all humans are connected to all life forms and all forms of plants and insects. Many of us have lost sight of that connection, most of all our political leaders have lost sight of it as well.

    There is still a way back, but it depends on us recognising and speaking up, from the heart, for the truth of our situation. Our leaders aren't able to speak this truth, it's unpopular. It's up to all the people to recognise and speak out about the way things are, to think and speak and act from the heart.

    The message is that "we belong to this earth—and that we have to look after it, and honour it".

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