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    Mental Noting

    Here's an article by Gil Fronsdal, a teacher at the USA Insight Meditation Centre:

    Mental Noting:


    Any comments?

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    I've always like Gil's take on things. I listen to the podcast versions of his talks and meditations.

    From that, I have heard him talk about "noting" before. I'm very much a novice, but I do find it difficult. Some is due to, as he say, getting stuck on the right word. And often, things are going thru at such a rate that I can't even keep up.

    I think, as one who struggles with doing any of this "right" that maybe noting is more difficult than counting breaths or whatnot, but I do see how it would be beneficial as you gain more control and experience.



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    Hi Aloka

    Gill Fronsdal is one of my personal favourite teachers, his blend of Zen and Mahasi vipassana has a breath and depth that helps a very wide range of people practice

    Noting is very effective for clear seeing, I find the Mahasi advise that it should be 95% mindfulness / awareness and 5% noting was helpful, as you say dwlemen, the mind moves so fast it seems impossible to keep up, that is often because instead of noting rapid thinking people try to note what the thinking is about

    It is hard to just be there with what is happening when we are normally concerned with what "what is happening" means instead of just seeing what is there

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