Thread: The Path of Compassion...Writings on Socially Engaged Buddhism.

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    The Path of Compassion...Writings on Socially Engaged Buddhism.

    I have a book recommendation for the forum, it’s titled “The Path of Compassion” it consists of various author’s writings about Socially Engaged Buddhism by various authors such as Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Walpola Rahula, Jack Kornfield and many others. It discusses how to live a life of Buddhism within our everyday lives. I chose it because recently we have had a couple of posts about this topic. I hope it brings you insight whether you feel there is a place for it in Buddhism or not.


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    Thanks Mike,

    Here's a link to the book (which was written 33years ago in 1988)

    Have you read the whole book? I'm sorry but I can't comment about it myself, because I haven't read it.

    Here's more info about " Engaged Buddhism" on the Eco Dharma website....which could be discussed in a topic elsewhere on BWB, if someone else would be kind enough to get that together ....or perhaps we could discuss it at our next group meeting.

    With metta,


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    Socially Engaged Buddhism has the potential to be a very large subject.

    I suppose some aspects of it will change over time as society itself changes.

    It would be quite interesting to compare the content of the essays in the book mentioned by Justusryans, "The Path of Compassion", with the issues being promoted by engaged Buddhists at present in 2021.

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