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    UFO report details

    I was fascinated by articles about UFO's which I noticed in the media recently, here's one of them:

    Any thoughts?

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    Wouldn't it be fascinating to think our planet Earth has been visited by occupants of interplanetary craft, on many occasions!

    What effect might it have on the political squabbles between minor nations, to face a previously unknown civilisation from another galaxy.

    The U.S. military seem to be the leaders in collecting UFO stories. You never hear of Russian or Chinese encounters with UFOs. Well, I've never heard such reports.

    Since UFO reporting started, the military authorities have kept a tight lid on the proceedings. It's understandable if early UFOs turned out to be due to secret experiments in jet flight by the same military outfit. But I understand there have been events witnessed not only by pilots but by throngs of people on the ground, involving lights in the sky moving at impossible speed, or cigar-shaped objects in the sky that clearly are not related to cigars.

    It's time to de-classify all this material and I shall be looking forward to hearing all about the report that's due to come out from the U.S. in the summer.

    Meantime, I'll be watching the skies. The truth is out there.

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    As an astronomer, I can appreciate the vastness of the universe. Given the staggeringly immense number of stars, most of which seem to have planets, it is implausible that we are the only intelligent creatures in the universe.

    But, understanding some of the physics involved, I find it equally implausible that any of them have visited us, or ever will. The distances are too immense. So I do not think there are any little green men in flying saucers.

    There certainly have been military experiments that have generated UFO reports. I have read quite a lot about the development of the A-12 spy plane, which was the prototype of the better-known SR-71. All test flights flew out of a top-secret base at Groom Lake, Nevada, better known as Area 51. (Yes, that Area 51.) A commercial airway passed right through the test airspace, and visual encounters between the spy plane and civilian airliners were inevitable. Many airline pilots landed in California, were greeted by suspicious-looking gentlemen with shoulder holsters, and were told in no uncertain terms that they were never to tell anyone about what they saw. If asked (because some of them had already spoken to air traffic controllers about it), they were to say that they saw a flying saucer. Just one example, from the early 1960s.

    No doubt there are many other causes for UFO sightings. Aircraft, planets, stars, weather phenomena, optical illusions, mirages, are all plausible explanations. And no doubt there are some that are not explainable, hence the word "unidentified". But one thing I am sure of is that they are not visitors from another planet.

    Om mani padme hum

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