Thread: Indulging In Superstitions — A Buddhist Reflection

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    Indulging In Superstitions — A Buddhist Reflection

    An article from the blog of western Tibetan Buddhist monk karma Yeshe Rabgye:

    Indulging In Superstitions — A Buddhist Reflection

    Any thoughts?

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    It's a very good piece of writing, reminding us that we are responsible for our own progress through life. We can't influence things by superstitious observance.

    Karma Yeshe Rabgye includes a reminder from the Buddha too, promoting rational choices over praying for miracles. Good advice all round.

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    Yes, a good piece of writing. I would like to add that as a species we humans have developed the ability to see patterns of cause and effect where none may exist or where they are simply wrong, leading to varied superstitions such as not stepping on cracks in the pavement. We are also prone to predicting what might happen in the future based on very little evidence apart from, say, our time of birth. If we are to work on following the path we have to work on such assumptions about the world and see many of them for what they are, mistakes that cloud what we should be seeing and understanding.

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    I'm doing an early morning tidy up and moving this other article "Superstition has no place in Buddhism" to the same topic:


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