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    Stephen Batchelor & Brad Warner

    This is the first of a series of videos (which I enjoyed myself) featuring Stephen Batchelor and Brad Warner answering questions and talking about different aspects of Buddhism:

    1: Talking About Reality

    Any thoughts about the video?

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    They both have something really good to say, despite starting out in very different sets of Buddhist practice. Brad talks about how difficult it is to talk about the experiences we have in our practice. That there is no straight answer to the question, "What is reality." Steven's initial approach was through the intellectual analysis of the Dharma, but likewise came to the conclusion that the questions were of more interest than any possible answers. Personally I think that meditation within the context of a Buddhist practice which does not define reality can lead to a resetting of the brain where things can be looked at without the hindrances we acquire as we get socialised into the world view of the culture we happen to belong to. Our views of reality become skills at looking at things rather than stances about things, and we develop these rather than arrive at truths.

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