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    Favourite Buddhist Quotes

    Post your favourite Buddhist quotes in this thread - with a link to the source, please. I'll begin with one of mine:

    Peace within oneself is to be found in the same place as agitation and suffering. It’s not found in a forest or on a hill top, nor is it given by a teacher. Where you experience suffering, you can also find freedom from suffering. Trying to run away from suffering is actually to run towards it.

    ~ Ajahn Chah

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    Why be unhappy about something
    If it can be remedied?
    And what is the use of being unhappy about something
    If it cannot be remedied?

    Shantideva's Bodhicaryavatara, Chapter 6, Verse 10
    Om mani padme hum

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    May I say ladies, most beautiful quotes.

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    Of course we can always imagine more perfect conditions, how it should be ideally, how everyone should behave. But it is not our task to create an ideal. It's our task to see how it is, and to learn from the world as it is. For the awakening of the heart, conditions are always good enough.

    ~ Ajahn Sumedho.

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