Thread: The 32 marks of a Buddha

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    The 32 marks of a Buddha

    I was looking at this entry on Bhikkhu Sujato's blog from several years ago and thought I'd post it here again because its very interesting.

    Any thoughts in connection with the article?

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    I think Bhikkhu Sujato’s on the mark as far as comparing Buddhist mythology to other religious mythology. The master to student way of teaching was somewhat difficult to pass along unbroken without the addition of extraneous story’s about the divinity of the person vs the teachings of the person in question.
    Joseph Campbell covered this fairly well in his book “The Power of Myth”
    Just my two cents

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    The article makes a good point in that you do not have to believe such things, but that it is always useful to read such texts to try to understand the contemporary view of things. My take is to try to suspend disbelief at the time of reading, to ask "What if..." questions and then to mentally shrug that it doesn't really matter one way or another.

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