Thread: Sedaka Sutta SN 47.19

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    Sedaka Sutta SN 47.19

    I was revisiting Sedaka Sutta earlier (also known as "The Bamboo Acrobat") and thought I'd post a link to Bhikkhu Sujato's translation:

    Comments welcome


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    Does "khanti", usually translated as "patience" or "forbearance", mean "acceptance"?

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    What a nice Sutta! The acknowledgment that we must cultivate mindfulness meditation to help both ourselves and others is inherent to Buddhist practice in all traditions that I have studied.

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    Does "khanti", usually translated as "patience" or "forbearance", mean "acceptance"?
    I think its its a good idea to look at more than one translation of a sutta ....because its been translated as "patience" in this version:

    also by Bhikkhu Bodhi here:

    ..and certainly "patience" seems a better fit than "acceptance".

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