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    Patience in Buddhism

    Secular Buddhist Doug Smith talks about the practice of patience in Buddhism. (Approx. 16 minutes)

    Any thoughts?

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    An interesting talk which includes how we react during the current pandemic. It's certainly a good test of our patience. I liked his historical view of patience in Buddhism, that it arose as one of the ten perfections only later when Buddhism pushed back, for whatever reason, the likelihood of individuals having enlightenment experiences to many lifetimes or even billions of years away. No wonder patience took such a prominent position.

    His stories about early Buddhism associating patience with anger are worth a read, where patience is more like tolerance and the opposite of patience is anger. The stories go on to illustrate that it's easy being patient and tolerant when things are going well as our patience and tolerance aren't being tested. We can imagine how we might behave in certain situations, such as being sawn apart, but it's only when we are actually in something like the present pandemic that we are can test ourselves against where we think we are.
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