Thread: 'Odd radio circles' in the sky a ‘genuine mystery’

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    'Odd radio circles' in the sky a ‘genuine mystery’

    'Odd radio circles' in the sky a ‘genuine mystery’ - BBC News



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    Calling it a "mystery" is journalistic hype. Sure, it is, but the spin is wrong. It is a new phenomenon. Because it is new, it is, as yet, unexplained. That's all.

    Om mani padme hum

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    Good comment, Kathy.

    In the past, more than 150 years ago, anything that could not be explained was put down to the works of God. The creation of life, disease, recovery from disease, death, storms, lightning and so on.

    The development of scientific explanation for life and nature has gradually squeezed God out of the picture.

    By contrast, the Buddha didn't seek to explain the forces of nature. He simply encouraged recognition of the way things are.

    I suppose more 'odd radio circles' will be discovered, and one day there will be an accepted explanation.

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    Oh, that's an easy one. It's just a bit of dirt on the lens

    I do like his enthusiasm though

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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeRabbit View Post
    Oh, that's an easy one. It's just a bit of dirt on the lens

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    There's another 'mystery' today, "Scientists looking for aliens investigate radio beam 'from nearby star'" from the Guardian:
    It's a shame that reporters have to keep doing this, as if people wouldn't read about an interesting radiation burst without the hype that Kathy talks about. 'Radio beam' is meant to suggest that some alien is using a radio transmitter, rather than it being an interesting emission in the radio frequency to explore.

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