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Thread: General Buddhism Book Reading Corner

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    Thank you for the link Aloka, it’s very appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justusryans View Post
    Thank you for the link Aloka, it’s very appreciated.
    You're very welcome, Mike.

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    I'd second "What the Buddha Taught" for overall Buddhism. When I did my study-abroad in Thailand, my religion teacher at Thammasat had us read that book. I still haven't found one that explains the essential philosophy better.

    (and Thanks for the link to the PDF! I just imported it onto my kindle. Been a while since I've read that, so I'll be starting it again tonight!)


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    I'm through Zen & Karma by Taisen Deshimaru Roshi. A good book. For Deshimaru Roshi Zen is Zazen and Zazen is essentially Zen so it speaks about Zazen in relation to Karma. His approach is simple: Karma is not a moral problem, it is a psychological one. Good and bad Kamma as happenings in life are because we have a dualistic mind. With Zazen the mind becomes unified and good and bad are trascended. Having trascended good and bad the happenings of life are taken as they are... just things that happen; neither good nor bad.

    Its a good reading for those involved in Zen and Zazen.

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