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    Online Audio/Video teachers

    Hey all! I was wondering on everyone's thoughts on some of the teachers with large online "podcast"/"Vlog" presence? I could say that, due to the pandemic, I've been forced to do my Dhamma studies online, but, living in central Indiana, there's not much here in real life, even during "the old normal."

    These are the ones I have found. Are there others I should seek out? Or ones here I should avoid?

    Ajahn Brahmavamso / BSWA -
    Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche -
    Gil Fronsdal / Insight Meditation Center -
    Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu
    Jack Kornfield -
    Zen Studies Podcast -
    Joseph Goldstien -

    These are the active ones that I try to listen to, some with more interest than others. But I am curious who others here like



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    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your post. There are a lot of people who are described as "Buddhist teachers" around the internet and I'm not going to name any names of people I'm not interested in listening to or reading myself, because personal tastes can vary a lot .

    So here's my own choice, which might be different to the preferences of others:

    Lots of excellent video and audio teachings as well as articles and eBooks can be found by browsing the website of Amaravati Monastery UK and those people can usually be found on Youtube too:

    ...and at Abhayagiri Monastery USA:

    articles, eBooks, audios and videos I particularly value on both websites are those of Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Amaro and the late Ajahn Chah. (I've also attended a number of teachings given by Ajahn Sumedho & also by Ajahn Amaro)

    Moving on, the Tibetan Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten is an excellent Mahayana/Vajrayana teacher, has several videos on YouTube & has written two or three books:

    I also like Mingyur Rinpoche who was mentioned in #1, and have attended some of his teachings in the past.

    Finally, this is a link to the written articles of Gil Fronsdal on the USA Insight Meditation website:

    In general,browsing the topics here at BWB... and looking at the pinned resources at the beginning of the topic lists in the various forums on the website, can often reveal some useful links too.

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    Try they have just about every teachers books on this site online. I would also like to echo Aloka’s choices. She mentions some very excellent teachers.
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    The Triratna Buddhist website is huge and free. It is so big that it can be tricky to navigate, but there is a lot of useful stuff, particularly at this general resources page:

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    Hi dwlemen, I enjoy talks from Andrea Fella -

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    Hello Dwelman I am listening to Ajahn Succito talks posted on .

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