Thread: Remembering Tan Ajahn Buddhadāsa

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    Remembering Tan Ajahn Buddhadāsa

    I found this article on the Amaravati Monastery website:

    Remembering Tan Ajahn Buddhadāsa

    By Ajahn Sumedho.

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    Well, I just read the article, and was finding myself agreeing with Tan Ajahn Buddhadas. Ajahn Sumedho mentions the fact that they thought a lot alike, although Ajahn Chah almost never wrote anything down. A lot of other monks taught that lay people couldn’t reach nirvana. Only monks. Tan Ajahn Buddhadas taught the opposite and earned many scowls.

    I of course am making it sound far simpler than it is. Five pages do not equal a paragraph. Still I found that Tan Ajahn Buddhadas teachings remain relevant.

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    I read his Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree many years ago after he was mentioned by Ajahn Sumedho and Larry Rosenberg in there literature and found it a very good book. I think some of the animosity towards his view on rebirth was similar to Ajahn Chah's - waking up in the present moment is a lot better than cultivating merit for future lives and Ajahn Chah also said that sometimes the layman sees Nirvana before the monk as the layman truly resides in the world of dukkha.

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