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    Amazed to be Conscious

    This is an article by Gil Fronsdal, a teacher at the Insight Meditation Centre in California USA.

    Amazed to be Conscious


    Any thoughts about the article?

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    Nice article about what being mindful can be. We are set up in ways which let us make assumptions about what is around us and happening to us, often unconscious assumptions. Eye witnesses, for example, are notoriously unreliable in that if five people witness the same incident they will come up with five different descriptions of what happened. Why? Because there is so much information out there that we have to filter most of it out so that we can make some kind of sense of it. We then impose our view of reality on the situation.

    Fortunately we can do something about our mistaken view of things by working on the kind of mindfulness Gil talks about: the Buddha's 'Four Foundations of Mindfulness' which are 'different capacities of attention.' We have to comprehend what is going on, including things 'which are hidden by the stories and concepts often overlaid on experience.' When we observe we don't hone our observation skills but find for ourselves that 'settling back just to observe can be life-changing. It can show there is an alternative to being entangled in what is happening.' We do not observe but 'abide in observation'.

    We aim for 'a form of “lucid awareness” (patisati)' where we have developed a 'consciousness free of attachments', which brings the story back to this amazing thing which is consciousness itself.

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