Thread: This is the Way to Immortality

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    This is the Way to Immortality

    A video talk from Ajahn Sumedho on his 86th birthday. (35 mins)

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    He describes nicely the struggle to describe the indescribable, made worse by the inability to get perfect translations of the Dharma. Instead he suggests we try to experience what he calls the 'silence of consciousness' or the 'space between words'. This is an internal peace which is always there but which gets swamped with normal consciousness as it deals with thoughts and interacting with the world. When we 'surrender' to the inner silence we get beyond our sense of identity, not in any way zombie-like as we can still feel and think, but with a loosening of 'attachment to phenomena'.

    He goes even further and suggests that we trust in this true nature that we find in the gaps, that we use this silence as the real refuge, rather than belief in any taught stuff. Trust in this reality which is waiting for us as the silence we can always access, no matter what is happening. Immortality as perfection. For me this is a bit like the message of the Diamond Sutra, that we can all reach a mindset that is detached from senses and thoughts, and it is experiencing this state which is important. How can we really understand if we haven't gone through such experiences ourselves?

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