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    People we don't like

    People we don't like.

    An article by Jon Fujita at the Buddhist Door website:

    Any thoughts in connection with the article?

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    Jon speaks of hate like “setting ourselves on fire to feel cooler”. I think of it as a miscommunication between two or more people. It doesn’t have to happen. Compassion will work to soften up the miscommunication and once you have understanding, you can feel empathy., and once you have that you again have a wholesome mental practice.

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    I suppose it depends on the definition of 'hatred' which the author does not go into. You can reasonably hate hunger and war and so on, which might be the responsibility of certain individuals, so things get complicated if you transfer that hatred to them. My metta bhavana practice helped me come to terms with what unconditional metta meant, wishing people well you disliked or even hated, whatever they had done to me or other people or the world. I found that I couldn't do that for twenty years without it having some effect.

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