Thread: "How do Buddhists handle coronavirus? The answer is not just meditation"

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    "How do Buddhists handle coronavirus? The answer is not just meditation"

    This is an article I found when browsing the internet....

    "How do Buddhists handle coronavirus? The answer is not just meditation"

    Any thoughts? Are you using "Buddhist talismans, prayers and protective rituals " at the moment?

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    I try to use brain cells rather than talismans. There is some truth in the argument that the right Buddhist practices aid both mental health and those things associated with lower blood pressure, but the idea that anything other than masks, distancing and hand washing offer a protection from the virus itself only leads to many more deaths. A virus is merely a microscopic collection of self-replicating chemicals which cannot be reasoned with or warded off. It will infect the strong as easily as the weak, the believer as easily as the non-believer. The believer more so if they insist on collective activities.

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    The article talks about people who believe in the supernatural.

    As a Buddhist, I do not believe in the supernatural. "Nature" includes everything that (conventionally) exists and everything that happens. So, by definition, if something happens, it is natural; if it doesn't happen, then it doesn't happen.

    So, as a Buddhist and as a scientist, I deal with the virus by washing my hands, avoiding crowds, keeping my distance from others, and wearing a mask when distancing is difficult. When a vaccine becomes available, I will make use of it. If I catch the virus and get sick, I will seek the help of doctors.

    Dealing with the virus can be stressful, and Buddhist meditation practices can be helpful in dealing with stress. But I don't consider them to be magical. If the stress were to become overwhelming, I would not hesitate to seek out a mental health professional for assistance.

    Om mani padme hum

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    Thank you Aloka, for this article.
    I agree with Phil and KathyLauren. I don’t think meditation will have much of a effect except for peace of mind.
    I don’t think talismans are effective either.

    Wear your mask. Keep your six foot distance. Don’t go out unless necessary.

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