"Learn Samatha Buddhist meditation at home."

Samatha is the Buddhist word that translates as the cultivation of calm.
The Samatha Trust has been offering teaching in Buddhist meditation in the UK and beyond since the 1970s. The Samatha meditation develops a state of calm and stillness in both the mind and body.

Given the fraught and tumultuous times that we are now living through, the community of over 100 Samatha teachers are offering meditation classes and teaching through online services, either via Skype, Zoom or other similar platforms.

These are unusual times, when many people are at home and others are working hard to ensure people are well and happy.

Because all local and national Samatha meditation face-to-face classes are suspended, the Samatha Trust will be offering online meditation classes.

Experienced meditation teachers will be giving daily, weekly or weekend classes tailored to individual needs.

We hope to give as many people as possible the opportunity to learn meditation in whatever circumstances.

More information at the link below: