Thread: The Causes of Suffering

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    The Causes of Suffering

    An article about the first Noble Truth from the blog of Tibetan Buddhist monk Karma Yeshe Rabgye:

    Any thoughts?

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    A good article, grounding the process of awakening in the reality of what it is; seeing things in a different way. The 'clinging' to things is not something we have a suitable vocabulary for in the West, which is rather telling. We can see clinging as a negative emotion, but only in certain contexts. As a primary school teacher I saw time and time again in the playground, parents who did not want to let their children go as much as children who didn't want to let their parents go. Clinging mentally as well as physically.

    There's nothing wrong with this kind of love, but there is an unhealthy element to clinging which refuses, say, to let a child grow into the person they want to be rather that the image the parent has. In many ways our clinging is a cultural thing in that success is about things we get and keep hold of. Money, jobs, family, friends, whatever the current measure of success and happiness is imposed. Our self-image is imposed on us by the culture we happen to find ourselves in, and how far we measure up to the ideal of the culture is supposed to be our measure of happiness.

    Not that we are all the same. There are many mavericks out there, thank goodness, people who do not accept these norms. Unfortunately both types, the acceptors and rejectors, still have the problems associated with clinging to whatever they see as their means to happiness. Luckily this is only cultural and as human beings we are quite capable of changing, or even reverting, to what we could be. The Buddha saw that we could do this using a combination of practices, following the path and using meditations, to break through, or awaken, to a different relationship both with the self and with the rest of the world.

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    Impermanence is mentioned in the article. I have always thought that being aware of impermanence is an important skill to solve suffering. We get angry because things are not as we want them to be... just because of impermanence. We cling because we don't understand and accept that all things are impermanent; once we realize the impermanent nature of all things we stop clinging to desires. We feel sadness because we do not understand that all compounded things are intended to unbind.

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