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Thread: ...such is the essence of Buddhism

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    Hi Esho. Yes, it is the moment rather than the position. Sitting is just what you do. Eventually it can be in whatever you are doing, but even at this point sitting is an expression of your practice, so why not?
    Yes philg.

    On the other hand, Deshimaru in his teachings insists in the position as a matter of concentration during Zazen; I have followed that teaching, bringing concentration to the posture, fully concentrated the mind slows down and silence happens. After some time breathing appears naturally and its easier to shift concentration toward it instead of bringing concentration to it in the first moment and counting in and out breaths.

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    Hi Esho. I know what you mean. I always found hand position had an effect on my meditations: open, closed, together, apart and so on. Loosely clasped together is my general position, tight together for insight meditation and cupped apart and open to the sky for metta meditations. Unfortunately I had to progress to a chair when sitting on the mat got too painful for ageing legs.

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