Thread: Dealing with negative feelings during lockdown

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    Dealing with negative feelings during lockdown

    I really enjoyed this short talk. (approx 14 minutes).

    Ajahn Amaro answers a question and talks about the teachings the Buddha gave to his son Rahula. (For further investigation of those, check MN 6I and MN62 below)

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    I also laughed at the part where he said "In Buddhist psychology you're not sane until you're an arhant!"

    Anyone else have any thoughts about what he said ?

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    I just finished watching the whole session. I really liked it. I realized that it took me a second (or more) to actually include myself in that definition of not fully sane. My instinctive reaction was to think of or focus on others as not arhants and therefore not completely sane!

    Unfortunately it was a Q and A session so he didn’t have the time to go deeper in to that sutta but I would have liked to hear about judicious implementation of this idea of being unperturbed and accepting like the five elements. I guess Right View needs to be developed for this teaching to be employed judiciously, or any teaching for that matter. I will read those suttas again. Thanks for the links.

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