Thread: 404 errors and Website too busy !

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    404 errors and Website too busy !

    Hi, Aloka.

    Getting onto the website is getting to be impossible. I realize this has to do with millions of people being online, but your website really needs to increase bandwidth.

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    Sorry you're having problems, Ron. Woodscooter is the person to speak to. I don't deal with the technical side of the website, and I've been having problems with my own internet connection .

    These are difficults times in general for us all, so be patient please.

    Kind regards,


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    Hello Ron,

    I sympathise with you, and your experience of connecting with Buddhism Without Boundaries. You are right that we work with limited bandwidth. We try to make this a free and independent website without advertisements which would create an income stream. The fact is, we operate from a modest base.

    I don't know whether the internet is generally more congested in these times with people remaining at home and working from home, or whether there is less congestion in the daytime because so many businesses are unable to operate. Certainly the pattern of internet traffic has changed.

    There isn't really anything I can do, and for the present time I have to echo Aloka's words and ask you to continue being patient with us.


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