Thread: Hi, it's me, again ...

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    Hi, it's me, again ...

    I thought I began practicing Lord Buddha's teachings 8 years ago. For a while, that seemed true when asked by others about my interests besides ordinary duties in life. But the more I practiced the less it seemed to add up. So now I think I've always been practicing toward the goal of liberation without knowing. As far back as I can recall, I've always been watching this mind and had concluded that there wasn't anything one could do other than keep on playing my roles as well as possible.

    But the dhamma is timeless and accessible to us all. I just didn't get it before I met some ordinary and uneducated people from southeast Asia. By living together with a family for a few years in the same area as the lineage of Ajahn Mun originated from, I got the peace of mind that I've always been looking for since I was a small boy, stuck in a harsh environment. Then I lost that feeling when moving back to my own country, and became crazy for too many years. It wasn't until I turned 50 that the teachings found me again. And long story short, now I'm here and are looking forward to getting to know this place, and maybe contribute in every positive sense to what we're all going through.

    See ya out on the fields

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    Hi Crazy cloud

    ...and thank you for introducing yourself, it's really good to see you here!

    With lots of good wishes,


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    Hi Crazy cloud

    Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


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    Welcome Crazy Cloud

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    Welcome Crazy Cloud, to Buddhism Without Boundaries. I look forward to reading your postings. I also have made my trip to Thailand, I’ve never had had a better time talking with the Monks. Very friendly people.

    With Metta

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