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Thread: Experiencing Gratitude

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    Experiencing Gratitude- an article by Tibetan Buddhist monk Karma Yeshe Rabgye :

    (There's a link to a guided meditation in the article.)

    Any thoughts about the article?

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    It's interesting when you sit with an emotion or feeling which doesn't have something you are attaching it to. The nearest one to gratitude I do is in the stage of Metta Bhavana where I wish someone well who has done me harm. I change it to being grateful to them for reminding me of why I practice, and then sit with that gratitude for a few minutes before finishing with pushing out metta, where you are generating a feeling of compassion for the universe, wishing it well.

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    Hello Aloka,

    This article makes a lot of sense. Focusing on the experience of feeling grateful instead of labelling and categorizing the experience. It moves the experience from the head to the heart.

    Thanks for sharing. I plan to follow up with Experiencing Gratitude meditation.

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