Thread: The Power of Forgiveness

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    Tibetan Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten talks about the power of forgiveness (approx. 22 minutes)

    Please only comment if you have listened to the video:

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    Good speech. He talks about mindfulness of breathing, the meditation I practice, and says that when we realize that we are wandering away from breath we feel frustrated and that happened to me for some time. Now I gently return to my breathing and that is all I do. A gentle come back to the present moment.

    I would add to his speech that the main aspect to develop during meditation is not compassion but a peaceful mind. A pacified mind can be automatically compassionate and automatically can develop forgiveness to oneself and to others. A peaceful mind is compassionate, forgives and its wise, taking life as it is.

    He should have mentioned metta meditation, in my opinion, because it is the most direct path to develop compassion and forgiveness.

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