Thread: Engaging the Six Paramitas to Care for Animals

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    Engaging the Six Paramitas to Care for Animals

    An article from the Buddhist Door website:

    Engaging the Six Paramitas to Care for Animals, Part One :Generosity, Discipline, and Patience :

    Any thoughts about the article?

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    ...Most important of all, love all creatures and care for them as best you can! And savor the enjoyment of their company and the enrichment their very existence brings to us human animals.
    Agree 100% ++.

    My first wife and children had allergies, which prevented us from having some types of pets. As a result we had to avoid even coming in contact with cats, and even some types of dogs. We did have rabbits, and gerbils, which we later had to give up, because my wife couldn't handle gerbils eating their own young, which apparently is part of that species behavior to ensure viable offspring.

    My second wife (current) grew up with pets of all kinds, and insists on having them (cats and dogs). Unfortunately this means my children cannot visit in our home due to severe respiratory reactions. As a result, I put them up in nearby hotels.

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    While my wife and I love our pets... we only have one right now. A fifteen year old, fifteen pound cat. We just don’t have room for a dog. My wife’s family are real pet lovers, with all having at least one pet. Sometimes more.

    They include a horse, goats, chickens, two dogs and multiple cats.


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    What a very good thought-provoking article! We should keep the well-being of animals uppermost in our mind at all times.

    Near my home, there's a time of year when toads move from living in the long grass to the pond where they will breed. This involves crossing a minor road.

    Each year, my local council closes the road for six weeks, to protect the toads. How very considerate!

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    What a nice article! I think in general those who practice extend their concern for the welfare of others beyond people.

    We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 guinea pigs. All of them a brilliant teachers; dogs are especially good at demonstrating unconditional love.

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