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    Ajahn Amaro gives a helpful little talk for just over 9 minutes about learning to live happily with the present. He mentions that when the mind is busy it can create images of the past and future and he suggests developing mindfulness of the body because the body is here in the present.

    Any comments about what he said in the video?

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    In meditation you have to be in the present moment all the time; when the mind wanders you have to be mindful of the posture to become aware again of the present moment.
    Also the teachings of Thich Nhat Han are about being mindful when walking, when standing, when lying, when sitting or when meditating; this brings peace and ease to our life.

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    I found this short video an excellent reminder about my ever busy mind throughout the day in general, as well as in meditation. Ajahn Amaro is such a good teacher... and I think that one of the benefits is that he's "down to earth" and easy to understand.

    Many of the talks that he's given at Amaravati Theravada Thai Forest Tradition Monastery can be found on the monastery website, as well as some on YouTube.

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    Hi Aloka and Esho,

    I also agree that he is very down to earth. His communication style is very accessible.:) I really appreciated his message that being aware of what is happening in the body can ground us in awareness of the moment and how our mind is reacting to the story line in our head. This is a good practice to feel suffering when there is suffering.

    Thank you Aloka.



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    Hi All,

    I absolutely love Ajahn Amaro’s teachings - his writing, speaking, and his funny anecdotes, everything. I have downloaded everything that I can from amaravati (his and others) and am reading and watching videos one by one.

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