Thread: Brad Warner on Buddhism and Climate Change

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    Hi folks, I just watched this video from Brad Warner, and am wondering what you all think about what he says here? I think he makes some valid points. The comments below the video are interesting as well.

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    I agree, it will not be a easy fix. It will take both sides of the government working together for a long time to fix something that took so long to become as far-reaching as it is. Global warming is not being hidden under the rug anymore. It’s established science and we have to come up with a long term plan to put this science to use.
    To paraphrase Brad ” Protesting by stopping traffic is counterproductive, it serves nothing and could possibly cause harm”


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    Balance in all things,including the end of our world if that is what climate change actually is?

    No, balance and the middle way are not the same. Actions taken are our responsibility. We need not involve those opposed to our actions in order to solve any problem we note and are capable of solving.

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    Thanks for posting this, Lise. I enjoyed listening to the short talk from Brad Warner and thought he made some very sensible comments.

    Here's a link to his blog article about climate change :

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    I agree with Brad but I think that we can be equanimous but not losing the sense of urgency that is needed in order to change the actual consumption of fossil energy. We have a huge environmental challenge in front of us and we need to take actions now, in this present moment; if not, global warming will increase in a way that it cannot be stopped.

    Thanks for the link Aloka

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