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I can, and will, Aloka. Thank you for making me aware of the OP. I was responding to the last post, not to post #1. Sorry!

Buddha's response to questions from The Elders of the Kalama's community regarding which gurus they had heard over the years, The Kalama Sutta, forms the foundation for independent Buddhist practice. His advisory boiled down to "verify and validate" all information provided by any so-called expert, no matter in what form the advice is provided, nor how its book binding and cover is decorated or constructed and as regards any topic of our lives.

Over the last thirty years since first reading this Charter of Free Inquiry and charge of "personal responsibility" for one's own life decisions, and without regret, I have taken this advice to heart , and have applied its wisdom with just about everyone with whom I have come in contact from religious leaders, gurus, politicians, people giving me traffic directions when I was lost, and especially from financial advisors. "It is up to us to verify & validate".....and to reflect as if in a mirror if our choices were beneficial or non beneficial as a result.

source: https://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/.../wheel008.html

Buddha's advisories regarding the nature of our intentional actions and their consequences, The Kamma Sutta, ( source: https://www.accesstoinsight.org/ptf/...thi/kamma.html ) explains not only the reason why morality is important to us as individuals, but the mechanisms by which it operates not only in this life time, but over infinite life times. It explains that we are responsible for our own personal life circumstances, and can affect and can have a guiding effect upon the conditions of our own living circumstances in this and in all subsequent rebirths, metaphorical or otherwise.

Even if we do not personally buy into the reality of rebirth, we can see for ourselves the consequences of our own intentional actions and thereby take control of future conditions and more importantly the trending trajectory of our life stream. It is the means by which we as individuals can continuously improve.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify, Aloka.

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