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    Hello Friends,

    Faith in the Blessed One brings confidence and strength; through faith we can achieve the discipline of the Tathagata. To night I went through two suttas that speak about faith. The first one explains the five powers of a trainee where faith is the first one. I think that faith is the basis or support of the rest of the powers. The second one explains the benefits of having faith and at the end it tells us that
    ...the clansman endowed with faith becomes a resort for many people...
    This second sutta ends with this beautiful poem:

    A large tree with a mighty trunk,
    branches, leaves, and fruit,
    firm roots, and bearing fruit,
    is a support for many birds.
    Having flown across the sky,
    the birds resort to this delightful base:
    those in need of shade partake of its shade;
    those needing fruit enjoy its fruit.

    Just so, when a person is virtuous,
    endowed with faith,
    of humble manner, compliant,
    gentle, welcoming, soft,
    those in the world who are fields of merit—
    devoid of lust and hatred,
    devoid of delusion, taintless—
    resort to such a person.

    They teach him the Dhamma
    that dispels all suffering,
    having understood which
    the taintless one here attains nibbāna.
    Any thoughts?

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    Faith has brought so much pain and suffering to the world, so much pain and destruction that it is hardly a word I would use. Trust might be a word I would use, based on something better than faith.

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    When the Pali canon was first translated into english in the late 1800 to early 1900 it was translated by people who were steeped in Christian theology

    It was a time of revival of fundamental Christianity, so was quite prominent in the society of the time.

    It is therefore of no surprise to me that a lot of the translations were full of Christian references, these became normalised when scholars reviewed the Canon used the translations

    For me I always replace Faith with Confidence, it seems to work better for me using the Dhamma in a pragmatic way

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    To me, faith brings about very mixed emotions. I agree it shouldn’t be confused with either confidence or trust, both of which are much better translations. From one who was raised in a very religious atmosphere, everything was taken on faith. It didn’t go over well for me.


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    A definition from the Glossary at the Access to Insight website:

    saddhā: Conviction, faith. A confidence in the Buddha that gives one the willingness to put his teachings into practice.


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